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Ken Andrews
Modern acupuncturist, osteomyologist and biological terrain practitioner in private practice, Leigh, Lancashire, UK.Teaches auricular acupuncture and EAV internationally. Chairman, Auricular Association (GB).

Steven KH Aung
Family physician, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Assistant professor, University of Alberta, where he founded Certificate Program in Medical Acupuncture. Founder and President, World Natural Medicine Foundation.Author of books and articles on TCM.

Mark Bovey
Acupuncturist, Oxford. Coordinator, Acupuncture Research Resource Centre,Thames Valley University,West London. Faculty member, College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading, UK.

Ann Brownbill
Naturopath specialising in acupuncture,Welwyn Garden City, UK. Also works in London at a clinic providing acupuncture to those with drug-misuse-related problems. Has a background in nursing.

Sarah Budd
Acupuncturist midwife, Maternity Unit, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK. Has worked as a research assistant in the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre. Coauthored a report for Department of Health on the Regulation of Complementary Medicine in the UK.

Josephine Cerqua
Acupuncturist in both private and NHS practice, London. Clinic assistant, University of Westminster Polyclinic, London, UK.

Jennifer Chu
Associate Professor and Director, Electrodiagnosis Laboratory, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Has pioneered automated and electrical twitch-obtaining intramuscular stimulation.

Mike Cummings
Medical Director, British Medical Acupuncture Society. Also works privately as a lecturer, medical acupuncturist and musculoskeletal physician in London, UK. Formerly a Medical Officer in the Royal Air Force.

Stuart Ferraris
Holistic dentist in private practice, Beaumaris,Wales, UK. Formerly a Dental Officer in the South African navy. Lectures nationally and internationally.

Michael Flowerdew
Electroacupuncture practitioner, Beccles, Suffolk, UK. Has coauthored a Cochrane review and instruction manuals and courses on modern approaches to acupuncture.

J Gordon Gadsby
Retired from private full-time electroacupuncture practice, Leicester, UK. Coauthor of a Cochrane review. Former nurse practitioner and lecturer, with a PhD on electroanalgesia.

Goto Kamiya
Ryodoraku practitioner in private practice,Yokohama, Japan. Standing Director, Japanese Society of Ryodoraku Medicine; author of Society’s official basic ryodoraku textbook.

Maureen Lovesey
Physiotherapist and acupuncturist in private practice, Berkhamsted, UK. Founder member and first Chairman, Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapists. Has lectured and published on various aspects of practice.

Juliette Lowe
Practises acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Ardross and Inverness, Scotland. Previously worked in London, UK, both privately and within the NHS.

David F Mayor
Acupuncturist in private practice,Welwyn Garden City, UK. Lectures on electroacupuncture at a number of acupuncture colleges.

Pekka J Pöntinen
Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology, Kuopio and Tampere Universities, Finland. President, Laser Therapy Institute, Zug, Switzerland. Editor in Chief, Scandinavian Journal of Acupuncture and Electrotherapy, 1986–1992.Author of over 200 articles and five books. Lecturer on acupuncture and laser therapy worldwide since the 1970s.

Rodney S Robinson
Faculty administrator, Society of Biophysical Medicine, Liverpool, UK, where he also works with CIC – Drug Services and is closely involved with research and development of new electrostimulation and measurement approaches. Has a background in nursing, biomedical sciences and homeopathy.

Lynnae Schwartz
Senior research fellow, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, and consultant for complex chronic pain in children through the Children’s National Medical Center,Washington, DC, USA.

Ron Sharp
Physiotherapist and acupuncturist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.Teaches acupuncture for the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and runs a private sports injury clinic.

John L Stump
Practises at a private integrative medicine centre in Fairhope,AL, USA. Has doctorates in sports medicine, chiropractic and oriental medicine.Teaches for the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Author of several books and articles.

Lyndsey Taylor (now Isaacs)
Acupuncturist in private practice, Rickmansworth, UK; also works at a clinic specialising in the use of electroacupuncture in the treatment of infertility. Has worked as a nurse in the UK,Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Adrian R White
Runs a small private acupuncture clinic in Saltash, Cornwall, UK; Editor in Chief, Acupuncture in Medicine; Past Chairman and Treasurer, British Medical Acupuncture Society; formerly Senior Lecturer, Department of Complementary Medicine, Exeter University. Has published systematic reviews, RCTs and other primary research on acupuncture.

Jacqueline Young
Clinical psychologist and oriental medical practitioner, with a practice in central London, UK.Author of several books on natural medicine and a regular contributor to health publications and websites.

Further biographical details can be found in the CD-ROM resource.