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The inner ear – deafness and hyperacusis - Other methods of stimulation

First author and date Rosen MR 1995
Version consulted C
Condition hyperacusis
Study type case report
N / Groupings 1 (author)
Type of acupuncture magnetic stimulation
Points used auricular ‘Line of sound’ (Nogier, Kropej), with Hyperacusis pt most anterior and inferior pt along this line (on right side)
Parameters used silver Magrain ‘press pellet’, subjected to magnetic stimulation
Stimulation duration no details
Number of sessions 3/day for 7 wks; both ears then treated similarly for 7 wks
Follow up 18 mths after final treatment, subject still 90% pain free
Endpoint measure subjective pain relief
Outcome 35 mins after 1st treatment, pain was alleviated; 1 hr after 1st treatment, Eustacian tube popped releasing pressure in ear; next day, 30% increase in therapy-localised kinesiological muscle strength was observed; overall 45% improvement noted in both ears
Additional notes after treatment, bite balanced by occlusal adjustment, leading to a further 45% improvement
Analysis / problems -
References Rosen MR New treatment possibilities ffor hyperacusis – a painful ultrasensitivity to normal sounds. American Journal of Acupuncture. 1995; 23(1): 74-6
Secondary references [abstract in: American Journal of Acupuncture. 23(1): 74]
Data entry code DM/J176