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Parkinson’s disease - EA

First author and date Liu JY 1993
Version consulted C
Condition Parkinson’s disease (paralysis agitans)
Study type case series
N / Groupings 159
Type of acupuncture EA
Points used SJ-5, LIV-3, LI-11, Du-20, Du-24, xiaochan (0.5 cun distal to HE-3); chorea-tremor scalp region; if Liver and Kidney yin deficiency, adding KI-7, SP-6; if deficiency of qi and Blood, adding LI-4, ST-36; if Phlegm-Heat, adding ST-40, SP-9 [EA only to chorea-tremor scalp region]
Parameters used 150-200/min (2.5-3.3 Hz), pulse intensity to patient’s comfort
Stimulation duration 30 mins
Number of sessions course of 10 sessions
Follow up no details
Endpoint measure cure: improved rate between 91-100%; effective: 1-90%; no effect: improved rate 0 [according to Webster scoring method, improved rate = (score before treatment - score after treatment) / score before treatment x 100]
Outcome cured: 2 (1.3%); effective: 125 (78.6%); no effect: 32; effective rate: 79.9%
Additional notes -
Analysis / problems rather an overinclusive definition of ‘effective’?
References Liu JY, Ren XQ, Liu AH, Yu MJ, Yang JH, Chen group, Zhang LX, Jiang DS [Observation on the effect in 159 cases of paralysis agitans treated with acupuncture]. Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Zhenjiu Lin Chuang Zazhi). 1993; 9(5): 10-11
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