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Parkinson’s disease - EA

First author and date Liu BH 1988
Version consulted C
Condition Parkinson’s disease, brain tumour
Study type case series
N / Groupings 50 (Parkinson’s disease 24, brain tumour 26)
Type of acupuncture EA
Points usedSI-18; secondary pts: P-6, LI-4
Parameters used2000-3000/min (33.3-50 Hz) [model G6805]
Stimulation duration25 mins induction
Number of sessionsno details
Follow up no details
Endpoint measure changes in noradrenaline (NA) and tyrosine (Tyr)
Outcome NA was markedly decreased compared with before EA, but Tyr concentration was significantly higher after EA (p<0.05)
Additional notes no comparison was made with MA
Analysis / problems -
References Liu BH, Zhu SL, Chen QZ, Xu JP, Dong YJ, Xu JJ, Xu HJ, Wang YH, Xu FH, Shao-KS [The changes in noradrenaline content in CSF of patients under electroacupuncture]. Acupuncture Research (Zhenci Yanjiu). 1988; 13(3): 243-6
Secondary references -
Data entry code JHa755