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Parkinson’s disease - EA

First author and date Jiang Y 2000
Version consulted C
Condition Parkinson’s disease
Study type case series
N / Groupings 19
Type of acupuncture MA, EA
Points used body pts: KI-3, GB-31, LIV-3, LI-4, LI-11, SP-10 (all bilateral), Du-16; scalp pts*: chorea-tremor area (both sides used alternately) [* = EA]
Parameters used DD [model G6805]
Stimulation duration 20 mins
Number of sessions course of 10 sessions
Follow up 6 mths
Endpoint measure excellent effect: agitation markedly relieved or basically stopped; improved: agitation relieved, other symptoms improved; no effect: no improvement in agitation and other symptoms
Outcome excellent effect: 3; improved: 13; no effect: 3; total effective rate: 84.2%
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Analysis / problems -
References Jiang Y [19 cases of Parkinson’s disease treated with acupuncture]. Sichuan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Sichuan Zhongyi). 2000 Sept; 18(9): 56
Secondary references -
Data entry code JHa359