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Parkinson’s disease - LA

First author and date Song CS 2001
Version consulted A
Condition Parkinson’s disease
Study type case series [presumed]
N / Groupings 28 / (a) healthy subjects (16) vs (b) Parkinson’s disease (12) [control group only included for comparative urine dopamine levels]
Type of acupuncture LA
Points used no details
Parameters used HeNe [HPLC-RF assay]
Stimulation duration no details
Number of sessions course of 10 sessions
Follow up 0-1, 1-4, 4-12 hrs after LA
Endpoint measure change of urine dopamine content before and after acupuncture; cure: no symptoms, able to move almost normally; excellent effect: main symptoms disappeared; good effect: obvious reduction of shaking, tetanic and motor symptoms; no effect: no improvement
Outcome excellent effect: 8; good effect: 4; close correlation between dopamine (DA) content and severity of Parkinson’s disease; DA content in urine of patients before LA was less than in urine of healthy subjects: DA content in urine increased most at 4 hrs, with content still within normal range 12 hrs after LA; authors conclude that the HPLC-RF assay was sensitive, accurate, stable and convenient, so an important method for evaluating effects of LA when treating Parkinson’s disease
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ReferencesSong CS, Lin S, Zhang PL, Zhang Q, Li ZK, Li RQ [Determination of uric dopamine content by HPLC-RF for patients with Parkinson’s disease treated with laser acupuncture]. Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal (Zhongguo Yaoxue Zashi). 2001 April; 36(4): 269-70
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