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Parkinson’s disease - EA

First author and date Xi GF 1997
Version consulted A
Condition Parkinson’s disease
Study type RCT
N / Groupings 150 / scalp EA + Chinese herbal medicine (88) vs MA (20) vs Chinese herbal medicine (20) vs Western drugs (22)
Type of acupuncture MA, EA
Points used had pts: Du-15, Du-20, jingjaji, choreotremor area
Parameters used DD [G-6805 II]; Calming Wind herbal medications
Stimulation duration 30-40 mins
Number of sessions course of 10 sessions every other day; 3 courses
Follow up -
Endpoint measure Modified Webster scoring method utilised to judge condition of patient pre and post treatment
Outcome EA + herbs group 34.1% significantly effective, 55.7% effective (total 89.8%), 10.2% failed to respond; MA and TCHM groups 80% and 65% effective, respectively, with no significant difference compared to WM group (p>0.05); effective rate of EA group > TCM group (p<0.01)
Additional notes -
Analysis / problems -
References Xi GF, Cai DH, Hua XG, Cheng M, Huang WY, Zhang L [Electrical stimulation at head acupoints combined with herbal medicine for treating Parkinson’s disease]. Acupuncture Research (Zhenci Yanjiu). 1997; 22(1-2): 105-6
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