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Parkinson’s disease - EA

First author and date Wang LL 2000
Version consulted C
Condition Parkinson’s disease
Study type RCT
N / Groupings 43 / (a) treatment group (29); (b) control group without treatment (14)
Type of acupuncture EA and MA
Points used group (1): GB-13 *, GB-20 *, LIV-3, LI-4, SP-6, Du-20; group (2): SJ-5, GB-34, LI-11, ST-36, ST-40; sishencong * (M-HN-1); huatuojiaji : T3-T6, T7-T11, T12-13 (above points used alternately); if tremor continues, add HE-3, SI-3, LI-7; if neck stiff, cupping on Du-14 after bleeding with acupuncture; if stiff body, moxibustion on LIV-14, SP-21; if fullness and distress in chest, add P-6, Ren-11; if dribbling and difficulity swallowing, add ST-4, Ren-23, Ren-24; if neck rigidity and nape stiffness, add Du-14, Du-16, bailao (M-HN-30); if soreness and pain in waist and back, add BL-23, Du-4; if abundant perspiration, BL-13, BL-20, Ren-6; if constipation, add SJ-6, ST-25, SP-15, Ren-6 [EA at points marked *]
Parameters used EA (at sishencong , GB20): continuous wave; continuous wave 1st, changing to DD after 15 mins
Stimulation duration CW for 15 mins; 40 mins in total
Number of sessions 3 mth course, with 1 session every 2 days
Follow up no details
Endpoint measure no details
Outcome in group (a), latent period of V wave, P3-P5 peak interval and P1-P5 peak interval were markedly shortened, corresponding with decrease in Webster quantity table
Additional notes acupuncture may increase intracerebral dopamine content, enhance excitability of intracerebral dopamine neuron, and thus achieve its clinical effects; from aspect of TCM syndrome differentiation, this result, to some extent, reflects effects of calming endogenous Wind by acupuncture in group (a)
Analysis / problems -
References Wang LL, He C, Liu YG, Zhu LL [Effects of acupuncture on brain stem evoked potential in patients with Parkinson’s disease]. Journal of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Nanjing Zhongyiyao Daxue Xuebao). 2000 July; 16(4): 229-31
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