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Other forms of tremor - pTENS

First author and date Meeker SR 1996
Version consulted C
Conditionearly parkinsonian and non-parkinsonian tremor
Study typedescriptive
N / Groupingsno details
Type of acupunctureMA, pTENS
Points usedNogier pts on dominant ear (if 1-sided tremor, ipsilateral): Substantia Nigra 134 Phase 4, Striatum (Basal Ganglia) 135 Phase 4, areas of Central lobe, Mastoid, Face (extrapyramidal area) - search for especially high positive or negative deflection; visually checking changes in tremor during stimulation to refine pt selection (may need to treat 3-4 pts in reactive area); after press needles, Phase 1 pts on front of pinna: Substantia Nigra and Striatum Phase 1, and Midbrain Tegmentum 178 Phase 1, Master Ectoderm pt 203 Phase 1; then Bourdiol’s Tegmentum area, shenmen, Sympathetic ganglion (area E) (possibly 3-7 pts under helix); not >3 ASP press needles to be used at any time
Parameters usedpTENS: 40 Hz (initial/Phase 4 pts), 80 Hz (Substantia Nigra and Striatum Phase 1), 240 Hz (Midbrain Tegmentum 178 Phase 1, Master Ectoderm pt 203 Phase 1), 80 Hz or 160 Hz (Bourdiol’s Tegmentum area), 10 Hz (shenmen), 40 Hz (Sympathetic ganglion area) [STIM FLEX 400]; after pTENS, press needles (gold at hyporeactive (-) pts, silver at hyperreactive (+) pts); additional filters suggested for use with VAS
Stimulation durationpress needles not to be retained >5 days (any other needles 20 mins)
Number of sessions‘at least’ 1/wk adequate at start of treatment; usually good stable results after 8-10
Follow up3 wks
Endpoint measureno details
Outcomeany residual tremor shd end once pts under helix stimulated; ~2 wks is longest so far that tremor control is satisfactory, with return to pre-treatment baseline by 3 wks without therapy
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ReferencesMeeker SR A protocol for controlling early parkinsonian and non-parkinsonian tremors using auriculotherapy and auriculomedicine. Complementary Medicine International. 1996 March-April; 3(2): 31-3
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