The Electroacupuncture CD-ROM

This contains both an expanded version of the printed textbook and the database on this website.

The CD-ROM textbook is divided into three parts:

Part I of the book includes a major contribution on the historical context of EA.

Part II, Scientific and Clinical Foundations, covers research and its clinical application, with case studies from many different practitioners, among them acknowledged leaders in their field.

Part III focuses on the technology involved and its application in clinical practice.

The textbook also includes both a comprehensive glossary and a list of abbreviations that may be accessed at any point from the text, which is itself extensively cross-referenced.

In addition, there are detailed appendices on useful resources, legislation, drug interactions with EA, acupoint segmental innervation and terminology, and the teaching of electroacupuncture in North America.

There are multiple ways to navigate the textbook, which contains over 23,000 searchable references, accessed from each chapter or independently, as well as many illustrations, which can also be viewed independently of the text.